Indo Portuguese Restoration

Wonderful boxes and cabinets were produced under Indo Portuguese patronage typified by wonderful scrolling and floral inlay. We restored all the boxes shown.

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Indo Portuguese #01

Indo Portuguese #02
Indo Portuguese cabinets also used the decorative technique of tortoiseshell panels divided by lines of inlaid ivory and wood, and often need major work.

Indo Portuguese #03
Often rather crude in execution, this style of floral inlay is highly decorative and cabinets with this decoration sit well in modern interiors.

Indo Portuguese #04
An unusual small fall front cabinet decorated with pierced and stained green ivory.

Indo Portuguese #05

The tree of life is another common motif in Indo Portuguese work, the example shown here from the back of a fall front cabinet.

Indo Portuguese #06

Another tortoiseshell, ivory and rosewood fall front cabinet still retaining its original carrying handles.

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